Our Services


Our humanities tutors specialize in Social Studies, Geography, History and Literature. Our tutors are highly qualified, dedicated, experienced, empathetic and nurturing teachers with a wealth of teaching experience. Our pool of tutors include teachers who have taught in top schools such as Raffles Girls Secondary and Methodist Girls School. They are specially selected to help your child learn in a people-centred, systematic, structured manner which helps your child to gain subject mastery, excel and do well in school.


Our enrichment activities include Learning Journeys to various cultural, historical and geographical sites in Singapore. Students will be able to see the relevance of the places that they study in their academic subjects as Social Studies, Geography and History come alive. Experiential enrichment activities conducted by our expert tutors help our students enjoy learning.

Students can learn about Social Studies in our Humanities Club by learning about various Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Social Service Organizations such as the SPCA, Red Cross and Humans First.

Students will be able to see the relevance of the places that they study in their subjects such as the War Museum and the Singapore River. History comes alive and students find it more interesting.

Other interesting learning journeys include visits to Chek Java and Sungei Buloh under the subject of Geography. In addition, visits to historically and culturally rich sites such as the Bukit Brown Cemetery help our students learn about unexplored, hidden gems in Singapore.


Consultants and subject matter experts in parenting, communication and life-skills talks conduct talks and workshops for parents and teenagers to help them build strong bonds and acquire the crucial skills-set needed for the 21st century.

Master  Trainers in Personality Profiling tests such as DISC, MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and Big Five are available to conduct personalized and bespoke personality profiling tests for parents and teenagers to help them understand themselves and each other better, building deep, loving relationships.


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