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We believe in and are committed to providing premier, quality, top-notch education for your children. As Singapore’s premier Humanities tuition and enrichment centre where our humanities tutors specialize in Humanities subjects, we are dedicated to helping your children achieve their full potential in their education and to love learning. Our humanities tutors specialize in Social Studies, Geography, History and Literature. This will have a positive phenomenal impact on your children’s advancement in their educational pathway; helping them to attain excellence in their  academics and to do well in tests and exams.

Our tutors are highly qualified, dedicated, experienced, empathetic and nurturing teachers with a wealth of teaching experience. Our pool of tutors include teachers who have taught in top schools such as Raffles Girls Secondary and Methodist Girls School. They are specially selected to help your child learn in a people-centred, systematic, structured manner which helps your child to gain subject mastery, excel and do well in school.

Our enrichment activities include Learning Journeys to various cultural, historical and geographical sites in Singapore. Please refer to Our Services for more details.

We also believe in shaping students holistically, helping them to have a heart for the community and to have an awareness of global, international as well as national, local issues. We help our students to be civic minded and explore how they can make a positive difference to the international and local community. Our vision is Transforming Lives.

We are single-minded in our focus and goal: Humanities Club aims to bring out the best in your children through our dedication in delivering the best Humanities tuition and enrichment in Singapore.

Humanities Tuition Centre

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Humanities Tuition centre
humanities tuition centre

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